How saw palmetto and super beta prostate can help your prostate!

Historically, the Saw Palmeto was used by the Indians of Florida for its many medicinal properties. This plant is known by many names, including saw palmetto and palm in Florida.
While some varieties of green leafy Saw Palmeto blue are rather used as an ornamental plant, this palm species is best known in traditional medicine. Indeed, American Indians use Saw Palmeto to treat many diseases, including diseases related to genital problems and urinary tract. So learn about super beta prostate.
Presentation of Saw Palmetto
Known by the scientific name Serenoa repens, saw palmetto is a dwarf palm from Florida belonging to the family Arecaceae. It owes its name to an American botanist Serenoa repens and its creeping stems. It is also called sawtooth palm or palm-de-Saw because of the shape of its stems. The leaves are palmate Saw Palmetto with curved spines, color can vary from green to silvery-white. Its fruits in the form of black berries ripen in August and September. They are harvested from natural stands and dried before being used or sold. The Saw Palmetto berries are components of many pharmaceutical preparations, including the United States and France who uses super beta prostate.
Saw Palmetto and treatment of genital problems
Saw Palmetto can be used in women to treat problems associated with menstruation and hormonal imbalance. However, this plant is known for its effectiveness in the prevention and treatment of problems related to benign prostate, a condition that is manifested by an excessive growth of the prostate. Indeed, thanks to the presence of an active ingredient called phytosterols, Saw Palmetto acts by blocking the conversion of testosterone into dihydrotestosterone or DHT, which is responsible for this disease. In addition, the use of Saw Palmetto extract and super beta prostate bloated body and relaxes the muscles of the bladder to facilitate the evacuation of urine flow and remove the urgent need to urinate. It can also delay the development of adenomas or prostate tumors. Moreover, Saw Palmetto berries are used in traditional medicine Indians of Florida to treat gonorrhea, cystitis or irritation of the mucosa. Also attributed to saw palmetto aphrodisiac properties.
Other virtues Saw Palmeto
Saw Palmetto is used to treat other problems related to excess production of DHT, which can occur in both males and female. Thus, in men, excess dihydrotestosterone is responsible for excessive hair growth or acne. In women, the side effects of a high amount of DHT are reflected in the importance of hairs on the body and face, hair loss, and in some cases, the mutation of the voice. In addition, this derivative hormone can produce a narrowing of the hips, widening shoulders and muscle development.
The saw palmetto and super beta prostate are also used in the field of natural cosmetics to prevent male pattern baldness. It also helps treat acne oily skin and some skin diseases. Finally, thanks to its sedative action, it is used to treat insomnia, bronchitis and cough.
Tips for Using Saw Palmetto
Considered as a functional food in the United States, saw palmetto is a component of several dietary supplements. Generally, it is packaged in capsules containing 320 mg of concentrated extract equivalent to 2880 mg of powdered bay. This corresponds to a daily dose contains approximately 85 and 95% of active compounds of sterols and fatty acids. Note that the use of Saw Palmetto is subject to caution. Thus, it is advisable not to exceed the prescribed dosage. In addition, people who are under medical treatment should first seek the advice of a physician before use. More regarding super beta prostate.


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